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Alexis Gonzalez

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Additional Info

  • Height: 5'2
  • Bust: 24B
  • Waist: 24
  • Hips: 35


Alexis Gonzalez

(CEO / Founder / Executive Director / Choreographer / Performer / Dancer / Model / Aerialists / Belly Dancer / Burlesque Acts / Vegas Showgirl & Versatile Entertainer)



    Alexis Gonzalez has her Associates Degree in Psychology & Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science & Nutrition.  She has been in the Health & Fitness industry since the age of sixteen and holds current certifications in NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), IFA (International Fitness Association), as well as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) & Defibrillator Certified since 2003.  She is well experienced in Personal Training & Sales Department for personal training packages and has been general manager in corporate gymnasiums around the New Jersey & New York area.  She has had intensive training for Triathlons as well as training some of her elite clientele throughout the years in the (Bike/Swim/Run) USAT (Unites States of America Triathlon) of New Jersey.  Alexis Gonzalez is a motivational speaker and inspiration to many people in the Health & Fitness Industry.  She is known for helping people meet their daily fitness goals and needs in a successful manner.  She always found a passion for helping people with their exercise routines as well as having physical therapy clientele in her experience as a “Master Fitness Specialist” by guiding people in the right direction to accomplish their goals and fitness needs.  She hopes to be the change she wants to see in this world to make it a better place to live and feel great with a healthy balanced lifestyle and to ensure a better way of living.


    Alexis is presently working as a “Master Personal Fitness Specialist & Aerobics-Dance Instructor”.  She has been given opportunities to teach at many Health & Fitness Conventions & Conferences in the Tri-State Area specializing in Weight Loss Programs & Body Sculpting Classes to active Personal Trainers in training.  She has taught many Fitness Specialists techniques about, “The Art of Selling Personal Training Packages” as well as making fitness an inborn behavior for everyone and anyone she has personally trained.  Alexis believes in order to make exercise part of ones’ Lifestyle, a fitness regimen should be realistic-yet tough, maintainable-based on persons lifestyle, and diversified-to keep a fun and enjoyable experience throughout workouts.  She has a 4-demensional approach to exercising and in addition to weight training and aerobic training, she always incorporated Functional Training, Core & Stability Exercises, as well as Calisthenics & Plyometrics training in her routines.  She focuses on breathing techniques and offers stretch sessions to enhance your flexibility as well as for better movement and use of the body’s joints and muscles. 


    Alexis has been dancing since the age of three and performing on stage to the public since the age of five.  It was very clear to everyone at the time that Alexis Gonzalez was born to be a STAR!  She has been performing as an entertainer with a dance background as well as acting background for literally her entire life.  Alexis Gonzalez’s parents were both Professional Ballroom & Salsa Dance Competitors since before she was born.  She was highly influenced by her parents watching them dance, rehearse, and compete since she was a toddler.  She studied at Julliard School of Dance in New York City as a child specializing in Ballet in 1989-1990 and graduated from J & L Dance Center School of Performing Arts in New Jersey in 2003 with a Teachers Degree & Award of Excellence specializing in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Flamenco styles of dance.  Alexis Gonzalez also holds a, “Dance Educators of America” Choreographer & Master Teachers Degree since 2004.  Alexis Gonzalez is also a graduate from Barbizon School of Modeling & Etiquette Academy in her teenage years as a Model in 1996.  Her genuine, warm, and caring nature enables her to attract many different types of clientele.  Alexis has always shown herself as being versatile in both different fields of the Health & Fitness industry and the Entertainment industry.   


    Alexis believes that, “The signification of dance is predicted to be the affection of spiritual truth.  Dance is a language expressed through a form of emotion and body movement.”  Through the art of “Dance” Alexis is able to express herself thoroughly from her heart and essence when she dances.  She speaks by the way she moves to the music that most touches her soul and her forte is the style of dance known as “Contemporary & Lyrical” movement.  Music was always an important role in her life growing up as a child, the knowledge and wisdom of the Performing Arts & Entertainment as well as Choreography will always be a part of her life forever.  Alexis passion for dance went far and beyond to be able to succeed and she will leave her legacy behind to the lucky selective few she chooses to be part of her company and her businesses. 


    Alexis Gonzalez motivation and drive comes from the knowledge, experience, and passion she has for dance since the age of three. From a very early age, Alexis has been showcasing her talent at numerous dance competitions as well as some of the biggest events in the Tri-State Area competing for the title in both Regional and National Championships in her age category each and every year since the age of 10-22 years old.  She has intensive training in Latin ballroom, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Flamenco, Contemporary, Hip-Hop & Pointe style of dancing throughout her career as well as fashion and modeling.  Alexis Gonzalez is a undefeated titlist of “Miss Educators of America” in 1999-2003 also known as “Miss DEA Regional & National Title Championship” and has been competing as “Junior Miss DEA, Miss DEA, and Senior Miss DEA Title Champion” throughout the years competing in various dance competitions representing her school, “J & L Dance Center School of Performing Arts Academy.”


    Alexis Gonzalez mainly focuses on working with her students also known as “SSE Stars” by teaching them that “Respect & Loyalty” will always go a long way as well as “Sacrifice & Creativity” to make your dreams come true to a reality.  She believes that anything and everything is possible as long as you give it you’re all and are willing to learn from your mistakes and corrections.  She believes that anyone with a dream can achieve anything they put their mind to and dedicate their time to make it perfect because practice does make perfect.  Dancing is her entire world and her image of “Professional Showgirls” is what she showcases mostly in Sublime Stars Entertainment LLC.   Alexis Gonzalez gets her inspiration from famous, “Burlesque Acts” all over the world.  As well as the very Famous, “Original Vegas Showgirl Acts” in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sublime Stars Entertainment is based out of the New York/New Jersey Area and is showcased nationwide. 


    CEO of Sublime Stars Entertainment LLC Alexis Gonzalez founded SSE back in 2006 by forming a group of “The Best Of The BEST” performers in the entertainment industry from all different parts of the world.  She combined selective artists to form into one team of hard working and dedicated artists who all share a passion for the performing arts and represent the “Entertainment Agency” for which they work for with a great deal of professionalism and respect.  Alexis Gonzalez is very grateful for ALL followers on social media and who truly love and support the company movement throughout their journey.   She emphasizes that as a team, together we all shine, every step of the way to success!


    Alexis Gonzalez main priority is to be able to achieve her ultimate dream of combining both gymnasium and dance studio lifestyles together.  It is strongly agreed, that combing both lifestyles is a great combination to maintain a healthy and fit routine for people of all ages who love and get involved with Sublime Stars Entertainment LLC.  Alexis believes it will be a complete involvement of the both of both worlds in the field of “Health & Fitness” as well as “Dance” all under one roof.  Her inspiration comes from her life experiences of traveling back and forth between gymnasiums and dance schools both training and teaching all in one day for over ten years of her life. 


    Alexis Gonzalez found that is was simply a collaboration of all the important things in her life that she has excelled in her career with her degrees, personal training and rehabilitation certifications exceeding her with the right knowledge and wisdom to excel in the industries she exposes herself to.  Alexis is a well-rounded businessperson who is hard working and dedicated to her success since her early teen years.  She is a very determined and a successful entrepreneur with many versatile achievements throughout her years, and strives to be “The Best” at anything she does to make sure any task or job is completed and done correctly to it’s best potential. 


    For Bookings & Inquiries please contact CEO & Founder Alexis Gonzalez at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can reach Sublime Stars Entertainment LLC by phone or fax today.  Interested in booking talent? Please fill out the booking form and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly next business day.  Thank you for your inquiry and interest with Sublime Stars Entertainment LLC. We are your complete source of entertainment for all your party needs and events at the highest quality of excellence and performance.


Alexis Gonzalez Performing a Latin Ballroom Salsa Duo

with Omar Heikal 2008